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2.24.09 Developing Civil War Trail, a new southern travel website.

2.02.09 Aziomedia web blog breaks 45,000 visitors!

09.01.08 Azio Media celebrates 10 years of being online.

Aziomedia: Creator of an independent online book and music store. Sells products such as used books, vinyl records, magazines, movie posters, and other collectibles.
Aziomedia Blog: The official blog for aziomedia.com. Daily news and information on books, music, and other related topics.
Line Rider Share: Community website that allows you to share tracks from the popular game Line Rider with other members. Includes features such as view/download counters, user rating system, dynamic track images.
JBBrowning: Technology consultant, professor, trainer, author, and technologist. Personal portfolio & informational website.
Jared Cline Photography: Photography gallery & portfolio website. Uses dynamic image gallery as well as automatic resizing and watermarks. Showcases a variety of wedding pictures, scenery, personal, and artistic.
Fund My First Car: Fundraising website created in an attempt to raise money for the web designer's first vehicle. The website url became a bumper sticker that was applied to many other cars, generating publicity across the east coast, and eventually the nation. Many users were also brought in via chain posts on social network links such as myspace.
Wingit: Art and T-shirt gallery website which sells artwork and custom shirts. Also provides a personal portfolio for this artist.
13 Willows: A gaming/software website that is used to host various software programs and game mods for Halo 2.
Think Magazine
Look Models-Czech Republic: Internet Consultation, Live Internet Broadcast, Backstage Photography
  • International search for new talents - Look Model Search 2000.
  • Vote for the most beautiful girls in the Czech Republic. Photos, video conference with stars, and live streaming of the Final, Beauty Camp and more
Fair4All: Conception & Design, Online & Offline Marketing, Live Internet Broadcast, Programming
  • 40 DJís/40 hour & Fair4All í00 Ė 100 DJís/50 hours: The biggest webcasts in the country succeeded in lowering net access tariffs for 10 million users in the Czech Republic and generated national and international press
TVNova: Internet Consultation, E-Commerce, Business Development, Design
  • The number one television station in the Czech Republic.
Chcete bżt milionŠrem? (CZ): Internet Consultation
  • One of the most popular websites in the Czech Republic: Chcete Byt Milionarem www.10000000.cz is a branded gaming website with 4000 unique visitors per day and 500,000 pageviews per month since unofficial launch November 15, 2000 putting it in the top 25 of Czech servers.
TVPrima: Internet Consultation, E-Commerce, Business Development
The second-most viewed television station in the Czech Republic.
Club Mecca: Internet consultation, Design and Programming.
  • One of the most popular places for Prague's night life as well as for various cultural and social events.
Relocation Management International: Internet Consulation
  • Relocation Management Internationalís aim is to provide people coming to the Czech Republic to live and work, with all the services they need for living and business.
European Internet Network: Online Marketing, Interface Design and Editorial.
EIN publishes breaking news from 254+ countries. EIN covers all 50 U.S. states, Canada, and most countries in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Africa. More than one million English-speaking people turn to EIN for breaking news each year.
  • Responsible for increasing visits to three international news portals by 1000% and the development of a NATO Enlargement mini-site as well as business sections for all of EINís sites.     Bennington College Interactive CD-ROM-Viewpoints:
  • Newspaper Articles & CD
Terminal Bar: Development for one of the first and most successful ISPís and internet cafes in the country to corporate and private clients
Viacom: Consulted in the development of Viacomís first home-shopping show, The Goods, for MTV, Nick at Nite and VH-1. Production work for the MTV Video Music Awards and MTV Beach House.
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